Wow, it is more than one month that I didn’t post anything. But that’s just because I was hard-working on the following items:

  • a new robot… equipped with a brand new gyro sensor,
  • a C# library to speed up robot programming,
  • a source code repository on GitHub, which should greatly improve source code accessibility.

I reached a good starting point for those three milestones, so I’ll start to post about them soon. I will also revamp the blog structure and appearance. Let’s see how fast I can be!

Thank you for your support,

Update 1 – 07/03/2016. I’ve moved the source code for the R3PTAR and the SUP3RCAR on Github. Please check the relative pages for the links to the GitHub repositories

Update 2 – 10/03/2016. I’ve uploaded the video of the Rolling EV3RSTORM, a self balancing robot with a fire gun!

Blog changes (again) preview
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