Ev3 Tracked Explorer Mark II

Hello! Let me share with you an updated Ev3 Tracked Explorer which I’ll call the Ev3 Tracked Explorer Mark II.

Update 10/07/2018: Building instructions are now available for download!

Ev3Tank-v1-1The first version of the rover (see a picture on the right) was very nice to build and to drive, but suggested several hints for improvement:

  • Improve the assembly to get an overall sturdier structure; the earlier version was fragile and prone to break apart if not handled very carefully. Furthermore, a terrain just a bit rougher than an apartment tiled floor could put too much strain on its structure.
  • Improve the rotating Ev3 IR Sensor assembly to cut the backlash between the gear wheels; this time, I tried to build a reducer gearbox to leverage the characteristics of the Ev3 Medium Motor (high torque and low speed).
  • Move the rotating Ev3 IR Sensor from the back of the rover to the front, to improve the visibility from the IR Sensor of the obstacles around the vehicle.
  • Experiment with spring suspensions; I found a good design for the suspension system on each of the wheels on the compact trailing arm setup described in the book “The unofficial Lego Technic builder’s guide” by Pawel Sariel Kmiec.
  • Raise the rover from ground to ride over obstacles more efficiently.
  • Add the Ev3 Gyro sensor.

As the last time, the software I used to design the Ev3 Tracked Explorer Mark II is Stud.io from Bricklink.com; the pictures below have also been rendered with the same tool.

The main statistics for the model are:

  • 1052 parts belonging to 80 different lots;
  • physical dimensions (width, length, height): 339mm x 236mm x 199mm
  • weight without batteries: 1.391 kg
  • weight with batteries installed: 1.603 kg 

I’m currently working to nicely format the building instructions, which I will publish here as soon as possible; now there are more than 100 steps without considering the sub models, so please allow me a couple of days before I will be able to update this post.

Update 10/07/2018: Building instructions are now available for download!

Ev3 Tracked Explorer Mark II preview
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4 thoughts on “Ev3 Tracked Explorer Mark II preview

  • December 28, 2018 at 11:04 am

    is the the Ev3 Tracked Explorer Mark II compatible for windows 8?

    • December 28, 2018 at 5:20 pm

      Hello Naila,

      Thank you for asking.

      The App for the remote control of the Ev3 Tracked Explorer Mark II is a Universal Windows Application (UWP). You can find the C# source code to compile the app this link. Soon, I should have time to post a step by step tutorial to download and compile the app, so please stay tuned!
      Concerning your question, unfortunately the Remote Control App is a UWP App and should not be compatible with Windows 8 as it is now. But maybe you can try to use most of the code for a Windows 8 project. If you try, please let me know, maybe I can help.


      • February 16, 2019 at 6:28 pm

        Hi! we want to program Ev3 robot via c# for monitoring a house “small environment” and we have struggles in our code .. Do you have any suggestions that can help us and also we need a code for rotation and ultrasonic sensors.. looking forward to your replay!! thank you!

        • February 17, 2019 at 10:48 am

          Hello Raghad,

          It sounds an interesting project!
          In order to let me help you, could you just add some more informations about it? For instance: what sensors, apart from the ultrasonic sensor you mention, are you planning to use? Which actuators? Will the robot be stationary, or will wander around? Please write down a bullet list of specifications – no more than three/four bullets just to start. State the specifications as simple as you can; we will add more later.
          Let me know!



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