These are the featured Small Robots, have a look and have fun!

The SNATCH3R: line following and obstacles removal

This is the SNATCH3R, a small mechanical wonder. This model appears in the book of Laurens Valks “The Lego Mindstorms ...
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The SENTIN3L: a walking insect droid

The SENTIN3L is a very interesting insect droid which walks on its two front legs and on a well disguised ...
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Formula Ev3 built with Lego Mindstorms

Drive the Formula Ev3 with the IR Remote!

Today, I present the Formula Ev3: a racing car! Personally I like this model for its very clean profile, which ...
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Rolling EV3RSTORM: a self balancing robot

The Rolling EV3RSTORM is a self balancing robot with the following abilities: it keeps the upright position in equilibrium on ...
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The Ev3 R3PTAR model

Pretty scaring close up of the R3PTAR when it’s ready to bite! Here comes the R3PTAR (read Reptar), a slithering ...
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Sup3r Car Video

Lego Mindstorms Ev3 Sup3r Car Model

This modelĀ is based on the Sup3r Car of Daniele Benedettelli described in his fantastic book “The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Laboratory” ...
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