The Ev3 Tracked Explorer

The Ev3 Tracked Explorer, a tracked rover built with Lego Mindstorms and Lego Technic parts, powered by the ev3dev firmware which you can control with a PlayStation4 gamepad over a Bluetooth or Wifi network.

The T-R3X

The T-R3X, a walking droid programmed with Python and Ev3Dev


Watch the SNATCH3R in his mission: follow the line and remove every obstacle on its track. 


The SENTIN3L: a robot commanded remotely with the EV3 IR Remote

Formula EV3

A racing car remotely guided using the Ev3 IR Remote

The Rolling EV3RSTORM

The Rolling EV3RSTORM: a self balancing robot which seeks the EV3 IR Remote in beacon mode, and when it gets close enough it fires against it!

The R3PTAR: roam, chase bite!

The classical R3PTAR robot shown in this video, roams to find the Ev3 IR Remote in beacon mode and chases it, and when it's close enough, it gives three bites!


The SUP3R Car shown here, is programmed to follow a line on the floor