Ev3 Tracked Explor3r

Today, I’m starting a project about a tracked vehicle built with Lego Technic and Lego Mindstorms Ev3 parts, whose temporary name is: Ev3 Tracked Explor3r. Being a MOC (My Own Creation), full building instructions are available. Check below!

Update 24/02/2018: ev3dev application to drive remotely the Ev3 Tracked Explor3r is now available for download!

Update 08/04/2018: have a look at the video!

Ev3 Tracked Explor3r description

Ok, first I have to admit: I have not built this model yet. What? Yes. This is a project that will take a bit of time to complete. The track links are not part of the standard Lego Mindstorms Ev3 Retail Set, so I first designed the model and then ordered the needed missing parts. To design the model, I’ve used Stud.io from Bricklink, which I found very easy and fast. Once I will actually build the Ev3 Tracked Explor3r, I’ll immediately post the pictures along with comments on all the eventual changes to the original design.

Let’s have a look at the desired features for this model:

Ev3 Threaded Explorer
Details of the bogie suspensions; this type of suspension system is described in the book “The Unofficial Lego Technic Builder’s Guide” written by Pawel “Sariel” Kmiec.
  • The robot must be a tracked vehicle.
  • The tracked vehicle must have some sort of suspensions.
  • It must equip a fixed Ev3 Color sensor.
  • There must be a motorised Ev3 Infrared sensor.
  • There must be space for the Ev3 Gyro Sensor.
  • The back of the Ev3 Brick must be easily accessible to remove the discharged batteries when due.
  • On the side of the Ev3 Brick there must be space to insert a small WiFi dongle

Have a look at the gallery below!


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Ev3 Tracked Explorer


Python on the Ev3 Brick

The code will be in Python language with the Ev3Dev firmware. Once the project is complete the robot should have three modes of functioning: roaming mode, line following mode and remote control mode.

In roaming mode, the Ev3 Tracked Explor3r will be able to:

  • Drive forward or backward on a straight line using the readings of the Ev3 Gyro Sensor.
  • Turning accurately also using the readings from the Ev3 Gyro Sensor.
  • Roaming around avoiding obstacles sensed by the Ev3 IR Sensor, and determining the best route by scanning the environment using the rotating Ev3 IR sensor.

In line following mode, the vehicle will:

  • Follow the line on the floor using the Ev3 Color Sensor.
  • Once it detects an obstacle, avoid the obstacle and then return on the line.

In remote control mode, instead:

  • You will be able to remotely control the vehicle using a desktop application running on a PC.
  • The desktop application must show data coming from sensors and actuators.

Building instructions

The following pictures show the complete building instructions of the Ev3 Tracked Explor3r. Please consider the building instructions just as a draft version. You will eventually note that some steps are not easy to build. Once I finally build the tracked vehicle, I will update the building instructions with more easy to complete steps. Don’t forget to check the last picture where you can find the bill of materials.

I’m eager for your comments and suggestions!

Ev3 Tracked Explor3r v1 - Page 1

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A .pdf file is available to registered users for download

Ev3 Tracked Explor3r, an autonomous tracked vehicle with Ev3Dev
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